Name/Email Title Telephone
Prof. Elizabeth Pentland
 Department Chair  22568
Rose Crawford
 Assistant to the Chair  22595
Meaghan McCue
 Administrative Secretary  22150
Souad Redouane (on leave)
 CS/PSR  22153
Kimberly Wilson
Program Support (Graduate/Undergraduate) 22153

Location: 208 Stong College

 Name/Email Title Telephone
Prof. Stephen Cain
Undergraduate Program Director 33705
Laureen Verasammy
 Undergraduate Program Assistant  22569
Michelle Anacleto
 Undergraduate Program Secretary  33304
Eva Bernacka
Student Academic Advisor
Thursdays - 10:00-12:00 & 1:00-4:00
Please note: All academic advising during the month of September will take place in 103 Central Square.

Location: 215 Stong College

Name/Email Title Telephone
Karen Valihora
Graduate Program Director 66397
Kathy Armstrong
Graduate Program Assistant 66527

Location: 208F Stong College

Name/Email Title Telephone
Prof. Andrew Weaver
Program Coordinator 20347
Michelle Anacleto
Program Assistant 33304