Program Requirements

The English Curriculum

The Logic:   What to Take and Why?  Grounding and Choice
The curriculum and credit requirements are designed to provide solid grounding in skills, approaches, and content at the lower levels, which you then build upon at the upper levels.  The type of degree determines the number of credits you must take from which Section (A, B, or C).  At the 2000 level, we specify type of course, by way of category, but there is choice within the category.  Once the ground is established, then you can focus (3000 level) and specialize (4000 level) according to your interests.

1000 Level Fundamentals of the Discipline

2 Mandatory 3-credit courses:

  • 1001 3.0 Intro to Literary Study
  • 1002 3.0  Intertextualities

Students must earn a final course grade of D or better in 1001 3.0 and a final course grade of C  or better in 1002 3.0 in order to continue with English as a Major.

2000 Level Introductions to …

Category A - Approaches, Theories & Methods

Category B - Genres & Modes

  • Specialized Honours, Honours Double Major (Unlinked) and Honours will take 6 credits from A and 6 credits from B.  (Can be 2 x 3.0 in each)
  • Honours Double Major (Linked), Minors, and Regular BA must take either 6 credits from A or 6 credits from B or 3 credits from each of A and B.
  • By the end of third year (up to 83 credits), Spec. Hon., Hon Dbl. Maj. (Unlinked), and Hon. Students must have taken at least 18 credits in A, B, and C.

Category C - Literatures

  • 6 credits minimum required from this column.

Category D - Popular Genres

  • Major/Minor Students may use up to 6 credits from category D.

3000 Level Focus in…

Category A - Approaches & Methods: Theory & Culture

Category B - Trans-historical/national: Styles & Movements

Category C - Literatures in and Across History

  • Course selection at this level should be made in light of the advising templates, the 2000-level courses they have taken, and the need to prepare for Specialization at the 4000 level.

4000 Level Inquiry & Specialization (Honours only)

Category A - Inter- and Multidisciplinary

Category B - Trans-National and/or Historical Genre/s

Category C - Literatures in and Across History

  • Restricted to EN Honours students who have completed at least 84 credits.
  • Courses should be selected in light of the advising templates and previous courses taken.